Welcome to Elixos Hotels

Our story

Elixos Hotels is the product of three generations of hoteliers, spanning 60 years.

A family-owned and run group of hotels, our legacy started off in bustling Athens during a time where tourism was starting to boom. Fast-forward to the present day and we have taken the expertise of our grandparents and continued expanding and creating holiday destinations with the ‘Elixos’ difference.


Our mission

Our hotels interpret the ‘elixir of life’. And that elixir is constantly evolving. 

When we started in 1961, long before wifi even existed, the elixir was a breathtaking view. The escape. The travel.

Nowadays, it has been elevated to reflect modern expectations including attention-to-detail service, innovative dining and authentic experiences.

Our Hotels​

We proudly own and run two hotels on the picturesque island of Kea, Greece.

The closest Cycladic island to the capital, it was once the Athenian’s best kept secret – but not anymore!


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